Intermediate Workshop Horse Conformation details in the field.

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We are not veterinarians, we are sculptors who loves horses. Yes, it is wise to understand the anatomy in details, yet understanding the landmarks, the conformation and the biomechanics is what we need to sculpt a realistic equine. Ms. Carey teaches every detail she knows and assists you with passion until the student understands the equine sculpting process.

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What Our Students Say

-Thank you for the amazing sculpture classes. You have taught me to
see horses from the inside out. You are an inspiring instructor; full of
enthusiasm and positive motivation. I look forward to each class.

Kay Marcus

Kaye Marcus

My daughter and I did a private horse head sculpting class with Carey in 2021. The class was very extensive and really taught us why the head looks as it does using easy to understand anatomy. At the same time the class was chunked into many steps that allowed us to sculpt a really nice horse head without zero expletives! Carey was super accommodating with her schedule and never once rushed to get the class over, even when we worked a little slow. Actually she gave us an considerable amount of extra time without a blink. Carey was alway in a very pleasant mood and made sure to always encourage us in class and on email/txt in between classes. Thank you Carey!!

Denise and Francisca

Your work is a true Gift Of GOD! Beautiful! Their truly are no words to
express such beauty! Its like a feeling of infinity! Wow, just amazing
-Debbie Benson

Debbie Benson

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