Intermediate Workshop Horse Conformation details in the field.

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We are not veterinarians, we are sculptors who loves horses. Yes, it is wise to understand the anatomy in details, yet understanding the landmarks, the conformation and the biomechanics is what we need to sculpt a realistic equine. Ms. Carey teaches every detail she knows and assists you with passion until the student understands the equine sculpting process.

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What Our Students Say

Kathlyn Malone

Very knowledgeable, talented and helpful. Answers questions and
always willing to help out.
– Kathlyn

Kathlyn Malone

Sue Lyman

I have taken 2 sculpture classes with Goksin and they have been
fantastic. Goksin taught me  to build the horse from the inside out.
Loving horses and the study of anatomy, I felt these classes were
perfect for me. Goksin is always available for extra help and wants you
to succeed. I am so grateful to her for offering these classes.

-Sue Lyman

Sue Lyman

Thank you Goksin for all your advice and support!

Your eye for anatomy and balance is amazing! Had a blast crating the bronze.

Paula Nevins

Paula Nevins Bronze Sculpture

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