Are the courses live?

There are workshops at the Gallery, zoom online and recorded course videos. Recorded videos  are some parts of the Equine anatomy and the sculpting process that registered users can watch whenever they want, and as many times as they would like. There are also downloadable notes for accompanying the videos as well as well. Live courses are on Zoom Online virtually, Physical workshops are at  AIM Gallery, Middleburg, VA , and one week long workshops are at NSLM  National Sports Library and Museum Middleburg, VA. Please review the website menu for detailed information.

Can you have the weeklong workshops at our location?

– Yes, if you gather a group of 5 at your location, Ms. Carey will be able to travel to your town.

What language is used in the courses?

– English is the main language, google has translation that you can translate it for free.

Does the cost of the sculpting courses include any critiques of my work?
– Virtually on Zoom workshops, Ms. Carey will critique your work and will have you follow the correct A,B,C’s of the sculpture.

A-Anatomy, B-Biomechanics. C-Conformation.

What clay should I use?

Please visit Supplies section.

Will I be able to keep my finished sculpture and paint it, or fire it in a kiln?
No, we work with oil based clay, you need to take it to a foundry to be bronzed or mold and cast it yourself. We do teach molding and casting process for reference.

Do I need a good internet connection to access the Zoom online workshop?
Yes. you will need an internet connection to attend to the horse sculpting workshop.

Will I be able to access the courses from my country?
Yes, you will be able to watch where ever you are via online.

Is it possible to pay for the courses in installments?
No. Unfortunately we are not able to offer this as an option.

Does the Equine Sculpting workshop give any Equine Anatomy instruction?
No, we are not veterinarians and we do not go into detail of the Horse Anatomy parts. We consider the bone landmarks, biomechanics and conformation as an essential background to sculpt a realistic horse.

I have very little experience of horse sculpting process. What order should I take the courses? Will I need to have completed any of them, before taking another one?
You need to start from the beginner level sculpting the horse bust, then you will continue on to intermediate sculpting the full horse. Third workshop is the advance section. You will start to sculpt a theme with any other animal or a figurative piece . Ms. Carey will assist with Male / female figure or any animal that you want to sculpt.

I’m a experienced sculptor. What can these courses offer me?
We have had many professional sculptors take our workshops and found them very helpful. They start advanced level. Some of the students sculpt their commissions together with Ms. Carey.

Do you take private commissions? I would like to have a sculpture of my beloved animal.

Yes. Ms. Carey do take private commissions. Please contact her via contact section.

I am a teacher. Can my school get a discount for buying multiple courses for our students?
Yes, please contact Ms. Carey for details.

I am a teacher. Can I buy one course and use this to teach an entire class?
No. Each purchase is for a single user.

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