My daughter and I did an Online Zoom private horse head sculpting class with Carey in 2021. The class was very extensive and really taught us why the head looks as it does using easy to understand anatomy. At the same time the class was chunked into many steps that allowed us to sculpt a really nice horse head without zero expletives! Carey was super accommodating with her schedule and never once rushed to get the class over, even when we worked a little slow. Actually she gave us an considerable amount of extra time without a blink. Carey was always in a very pleasant mood and made sure to always encourage us in class and on email/txt in between classes. Thank you Carey!!

Denise and Franciska

Goksin Carey was heaven sent to the Artists in Middleburg (AiM) in 2014!  
What impressed me about her before I had the opportunity to speak to her, were her equine bronzes.  They revealed her knowledge and talent – they were “correct” and gorgeous.  After spending time studying some of the most important equine sculptors to date that included Pierre Jules Mêne and Isidore Jules Bonheur, I knew her bronzes were in a class of their own.  I knew she needed share her gift and impart her wisdom to all who wanted to learn to sculpt these magnificent creatures!  

To date she has taught, influenced, encouraged and mentored a number of students who have worked side-by-side with her during the workshops and at the foundry.  She is proud of what they have accomplished!  She wants them to excel and surpass her talent, the passion and philosophy of a most nurturing yet critical teacher.

I am thrilled and privileged to be working with Goksin, for there are not enough adjectives to “sing her praise!” 

Sandy Danielson

Executive Director

AIM – Artists in Middleburg


Dear Goksin,
I was made very happy today by your wonderful class.  Thought about it all the way home and as you can see, it still is firmly in my mind.  A splendid exercise in the importance of the precision of measurement that leads with clear results to the correct conformation of an amazing creature, be it a horse or as in this case a wise fox  Little by little there is a transformation. Guided by your expert hand, the natural plasticine is molded to the wire approximating more and more the real animal.  I watched your hands carefully.  It was delightful.  They danced in full, expert harmony with years of experience backing each movement.  What seemed like pure magic reflects dedicated work through time.  
I am taking very small steps, I know, but that is how one learns to walk.  I appreciate your teachings and feel confident under your guiding eyes.
As always,

-“Goksin is a wonderful teacher that challenges us to do our best. I enjoy each and every class…

not only for the skills I am learning  but also for the friendships that have resulted.”
THANKS!!!  You are the best!!!
       – I really enjoyed the Saturdays we spent together in your sculpting    
          class….I learned more than I ever thought I would…….I was sad
          driving home Saturday after class …
          Thanks for your guidance and instructions. You are truly a great  
          sculptor. I am glad I was able to meet you and learn from you!

          Wendie McConnell
       -Thank you for the amazing sculpture classes. You have taught me to     
          see horses from the inside out. You are an inspiring instructor; full of  
          enthusiasm and positive motivation. I look forward to each class.

          Kaye Marcus
      – Ms. Carey is a person of extraordinary talents and teaching is one of     
       them. I’ve  never encountered a more generous, enthusiastic person who     
       is so willing to impart her knowledge of her art with such patience and
     – Patricia Kirkendall
       Thank you very much for your instruction. You are a very generous    
       human being, and you take the time to help your students through the  
       process. I learned so much in your classes, and I am very inspired to
       continue to sculpt!

       Your work is a true Gift Of GOD! Beautiful! Their truly are no words to  
       express such beauty! Its like a feeling of infinity! Wow, just amazing
       -Debbie Benson
      I have taken 2 sculpture classes with Goksin and they have been  
       fantastic. Goksin taught me  to build the horse from the inside out.
       Loving horses and the study of anatomy, I felt these classes were
       perfect for me. Goksin is always available for extra help and wants you
       to succeed. I am so grateful to her for offering these classes.

       -Sue Lyman

  Very knowledgeable, talented and helpful. Answers questions and   
  always willing to help out.
     – Kathlyn

​    It has been so enjoyable that I cannot think of any improvements, Gold Stars.
​- Kathy

Some writings from students satisfaction survey I would like to share with you:

Excellent, very talented as an artist and great ability to communicate to all types of students. Wonderful step by step process. Rewarding experience for all.
Very generous with her skills and how she shares her knowledge with students.

Kind, thoughtful, encouraging, talented, giving responsive. Thoroughly enjoyable.


Generous, thoughtful, attentive to detail and to each student. Allows for individual differences creativity. Thank you. It was lots of fun and I especially appreciated your expectation level for your students.


​Very knowledgeable and helpful. Answers all questions. Great to work with.

Carey is an ABSOLUTE GEM!​

Warm, interested in each student. A great instructor who spends concentrated time with each of us-lets us know where good and bad part are!


In one wore – WONDERFUL!!!
So helpful to a beginner and so knowledgable and have been singing her praises to everyone. So kind and patience to me.- I so appreciate it.

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