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Sculpting Horses Blog

ART FRIENDS / SCULPTING HORSES ZOOM PRESENTATION Sculpting Workshop at AIM Gallery / Patty Lasko and Rosa DeBerry talking on their sculptures. List of art works designed with the golden ratio goldenwingshorseshoes.comThis is a wonderful site I found on the web, they work on horse shoes. The site caught my attention how they connect their work with the golden…

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Student Blog

DROP OFF TRIP TO THE FOUNDRY FOR BRONZING June 21, 2021…..Goksin organized our trip to the foundry to drop off our sculptures for bronzing ! Patty brought 2 sculptures. Rosa and I each brought 1 sculpture. Day 1 at the foundry is the drop off day. We signed our contracts and provided deposits, then got a tour of the foundry…

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I WOULD LIKE TO THANK TO MY STUDENTS AND FRIENDS FOR THEIR WONDERFUL WORDS AND I APPOLOGISE IF THEIR NOTES ARE NOT HERE, YET THEY ARE IN MY HEART.  THANK YOU AGAIN…  My daughter and I did an Online Zoom private horse head sculpting class with Carey in 2021. The class was very extensive and really taught us why the head…

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