Dear Goksin, I was made very happy today by your wonderful class.  Thought about it all the way home and as you can see, it still is firmly in my mind.  A splendid exercise in the importance of the precision of measurement that leads with clear results to the correct conformation of an amazing creature, be it a horse or as in this case a wise fox  Little by little there is a transformation. Guided by your expert hand, the natural plasticine is molded to the wire approximating more and more the real animal.  I watched your hands carefully.  It was delightful.  They danced in full, expert harmony with years of experience backing each movement.  What seemed like pure magic reflects dedicated work through time. I am taking very small steps, I know, but that is how one learns to walk.  I appreciate your teachings and feel confident under your guiding eyes. THANK YOU FOR THE EXPERIENCE!! As always, Sylvia ———


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