Learning to Sculpt – No Child Left Behind!

I started sculpting with teacher and artist Goksin Carey in Sept. 2019, and it has been quite a journey of discovery and learning. Goksin says everyone can sculpt, and she is right! She has a plan and knows how to teach. So as a student, I have enjoyed following her organized system to make that horse or any other animal or person you want to do. It has been more difficult than I thought and more rewarding when you get near the end and are ready to bronze something. She quoted Pablo Picasso who said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.”

When I hit a stumbling place, say on the horse’s eyes or hooves, she likes to say: “If you feel frustrated, remember that mistakes are our journey.” I think we should put that on a t-shirt! So after a year and a half I have about a half dozen pieces in various stages of not finished. And they must all be finished. “No child can be left behind!” our teacher reminds us. Next time I will include more wisdom from Goksin Carey. Come join us. — Patty Lasko

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