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Sculpting Workshop at AIM Gallery / Patty Lasko and Rosa DeBerry talking on their sculptures.

List of art works designed with the golden ratio
This is a wonderful site I found on the web, they work on horse shoes. The site caught my attention how they connect their work with the golden ratio and how it reflects on horse’s hoof too. My sculptures are always in the balance of the golden ratio, that allows it to merge with the nature. You may also research on The Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence The Vitruvian Man by Michelangelo or in wikipedia

Today we have wonderful news, one of my students Paula Nevins got commissioned. She will be sculpting a horse called “SAY AGAIN”. I would like to congratulate my dear student. They are my pride and getting better and better. Good work Paula. I feel so excited when my students get commissioned. There is Sue Lyman too, she commissioned a show jump horse and sold some of her bronzes. Wonderful achievement. to read more visit , stay tuned.

Horse named "SAY AGAIN"

Hello world, I am Goksin Carey Akman, A sculptor who loves to sculpt, especially horses, an artist happy to share what she knows and a traveller on an everlasting search.

This is me again. Whew…it took me two months to come to this point and finally to reach my friends with a few words. I plan to revisit this blog at least once a week and talk on what I  sculpted, introduce students, researched or just my day to day thoughts.

My deadline for a new website was for September 2021 and on a bright April day here I am, ready to share my joy.

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