Working at the foundry

correcting the wax sculptures and

getting ready to be bronzed…

Patty Lasko, Goksin Carey and Rosa DeBerry


June 21, 2021…..Goksin organized our trip to the foundry to drop off our sculptures for bronzing !

Patty brought 2 sculptures. Rosa and I each brought 1 sculpture. Day 1 at the foundry is the drop off day.

We signed our contracts and provided deposits, then got a tour of the foundry process. Quite complicated, messy and dangerous!

Wrapped it up with a great lunch. Fun day!

Goksin and Rosa doing some final touches.
Sculptors Tom and Patty, Paula, Instructor Goksin, and Rosa with our sculptures.
One step in the foundry process is the oven.
A finished product….3 copies of a beautiful polo sculpture that Goksin picked up for the sculpter.

Patty Lasko-

I started sculpting with teacher and artist Goksin Carey in Sept. 2019, and it has been quite a journey of discovery and learning. Goksin says everyone can sculpt, and she is right! She has a plan and knows how to teach. So as a student, I have enjoyed following her organized system to make that horse or any other animal or person you want to do. It has been more difficult than I thought and more rewarding when you get near the end and are ready to bronze something. She quoted Pablo Picasso who said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.” 

When I hit a stumbling place, say on the horse’s eyes or hooves, she likes to say: “If you feel frustrated, remember that mistakes are our journey.” I think we should put that on a t-shirt! So after a year and a half I have about a half dozen pieces in various stages of not finished. And they must all be finished. “No child can be left behind!” our teacher reminds us. Next time I will include more wisdom from Goksin Carey. Come join us. — Patty Lasko


May 11, 2021….The Thursday zoom class met in Middleburg Virginia at the Artist in Middleburg gallery to have a face to face session with Goksin. Wonderful to see everyone in person and see everyone’s amazing sculptures (Patty’s horse bust and standing horse, Maura‘a fox, and Rosa’s galloping Drum horse). Very inspirational!

I have a good list of things to tweak on my full-standing horse (below is an earlier version). Thank you Goksin! It was a very productive session!

Paula Nevins – Work in progress
Rosa DeBerry King – Work in Progress

Show Jump- Commission – Sue Lyman (being bronzed)

Another wonderful work in progress. Sue Lyman’s new work. Looking forward to be bronzed.

Today we have a wonderful news, one of my students Paula Nevins got commissioned. She will be sculpting a horse called “SAY AGAIN”. I would like to congratulate my dear student. They are my pride and getting better and better. Good work Paula. I feel so excited when my students get commissioned. There is Sue Lyman too, she commissioned a show jump horse and sold some of her bronzes. Wonderful achievement. More to come stay tuned.

From Paula: thank you Goksin! I am so excited about this next sculpture! Looking forward to getting your advice and guidance as I work on it!!

Horse named "SAY AGAIN"

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